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The pickup assembly arrived in the mail today. Hand scatter-wound pickups, vintage spec capacitors and 250K pots from Klein Pickups in Denton TX. I love the sound of the demo recordings I’ve heard of these pickups. For the last couple of years I’ve had this sound in my head of how I think a Stratocaster should sound and those clips are the closest I’ve found to that sound.

I decided to stay with the blonde strat aesthetic but with a slightly different vibe to what I have now. So instead of the stark white guard and covers that are on the Strat at the moment, I went with with a parchment/off-white pickguard with vintage cream pickup covers, knobs and switch tip. I think it looks pretty cool on it’s own but I’ll have to see what they look like on the actual guitar. If it’s anything like this, one of Jimmy’s ‘other’ guitars, it can’t be a bad thing.