I have a couple of opinions. Most people do. Having an opinion often means you’ve paid it at least some mind. Writing it down means you have to have at least thought about it enough to commit to it paper. Publishing it means you’ve got to be able to back it up in the public sphere. I think this blog will eventually end up being something of an online notebook reflecting various bits that make up my life. Partially to help me sort out and remember my own thoughts, hopefully also to get some interaction and shared opinion on a few things and some stuff may even be helpful to some other people. Right now it’ll probably end up being mostly about some of the stuff that occupies my brain.

I love Jesus. I love my wife. I love my city: Johannesburg, South Africa. The best place on earth. I’m a graphic designer by profession. I love listening to, playing and writing music. I’m part of a team of great musicians who serve in my local church. I’m also rather fond of good food, good books, films and machines that make noises and go fast. I might also throw a bit of arts and culture into the mix as well.